Custom Bay Window Seat Cushions

We have over 100,000 bay window seat cushion fabrics to choose from. Our design consultants will help you choose the perfect fabric for your bay window seat cushions and bay window curtains at no additional charge in a relaxed and friendly environment. No matter the shape of your bay window seat bench we can create the perfect cushions for your unique situation. One of our experienced design consultants can come to your location anywhere in the greater Toronto area and take a blueprint of your bay window seat. This will enable us to make the perfect bay window seat cushion for your bay window. Below you can see some of our bay window seat cushions from previous clients to get an idea of what to expect. Click each image to enlarge.

Before You Visit Us

Please take some photos of your bay window(s) and the surrounding decor so that our bay window seat cushion professionals know which fabric to recommend. Also, before coming please take the measurements of the smaller length and the longer length of your bay window as well as the depth of your bay window bench/seat. This will help us give you an accurate quote for your custom bay window seat cushions.