Window Coverings Questions & Answers

Below we provide common questions and answers pertaining to our window treatment products and services. If you have any questions relating to window coverings we’ll gladly answer them.

What types of window treatments are available?

At Prestige Décor, we specialize in a wide variety of elegant and modern window treatments. From blackout drapery, to sheer curtains, to window blinds and shades, to even commercial and condo curtains ­­– we've got you covered.

What is the best window treatment for my home?

Due to the fact that décor taste is such a personal preference, our window treatments vary depending on what the client desires. Our team of experienced designer consultants can guide you along your journey towards your dream window treatments with ease during a free in-store consultation.

Are the window treatments for condominiums the same as for a house?

While the two distinct treatments do share similarities, there are many details that our designers take into consideration when making condo window treatments. In our experience, condo and home treatments typically require different hardware that we can determine and provide.

Which fabric should I choose for my windows?

Fabric selection is one of the most important steps towards crafting your ideal window treatment. Depending on a variety of factors, from style, to colour scheme, to even the amount of privacy you want, our designers will help you find the perfect fabric that fits seamlessly with the overall design of your space.

What are the current window treatment trends?

While every design season does have its popular colours, window treatments typically cater to the individual’s preferences before they are influenced by industry trends. As our tastes are so unique, choosing an eye-catching window treatment comes down to what you are personally inspired by, be it contemporary or traditional designs, and what you require to feel comfortable in your space.

How many curtain rings do I need for my window treatments?

This will depend on your curtains, however the general rule of thumb is eight rings for every twenty one inches of curtain rod or curtain track.

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