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100% Blackout Drapery

Many people have the misconception that blackout curtains must be black. However, this is not true. The only difference between our blackout curtains and regular curtains is that blackout curtains have a special, high quality, blackout lining behind the drapery fabric which keeps 100% of sunlight out of your home. Keep in mind that you will not be able to have any pleated style of draperies with blackout lining because our blackout lining is too stiff for pleated drapes. If you want pleated drapes and sun out, our 96% Sunout Curtain lining is what you are looking for.

96% Sunout Curtains

If you desire pleated draperies and wish to block out sun light from your home our sun out lining is your best choice. The sun out lining keeps 96% of sunlight out of your home and is flexible enough to be used on pleated drapes or any other type of drapes. Combine with some of our quality blinds and window shades and you have total lighting control!

Over 100,000 Fabrics For Your Blackout Drapes

blackout curtains Toronto

We have Over 100,000 Different Fabrics that you can use for your blackout curtains. The blackout lining will not be visible and as a result, all the colours and textures of the fabric that you choose for your draperies will be visible as they would be on regular drapes. For more info to: Fabric Toronto