How to Come Prepared

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions that will help you understand exactly what you need before you decide to come to our store. The more prepared you come, the more our design consultants will be able to help you make the best purchase decisions.

Should I bring my measurements?

Yes, having dimensions is necessary in order to provide an accurate quote and service. Having rough measurements is better than having no measurements.

I don’t know how to measure my windows!

Not to worry, here is a how-to-guide on taking window measurements – How to Measure

Will a photograph be enough to show you the space?

Photographs help and will ensure that you as a client are confident in your choices. Photos also help our design consultants visualize the space you are interested in and will help with the selection process. When we have photographs, we are able to help you select the best solutions for your unique situation. Taking a video of your area is also a good idea because it can give us a better idea of how the total space looks, better than on a photo.

Should I bring samples with me?

Any samples you have from paint colours to floor finishes are helpful. The more information you can provide the more in-depth the consultation will be and the happier you will be with our services.