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Apr 2021
Multifunctional spaces: The key 2021 interior design trend
Interior design trends in 2021 are being shaped by how we are using our living spaces as we continue to adapt to the pandemic situation. With working from home and physical distancing becoming the new normal, people are spending more time at home than ever before. A key trend is to create multifunctional spaces using unique design as well as storage solutions to enable living, dining, or bedrooms to double up as workspaces. Uncluttered, minimalist decor and clean-lined furniture complement these multifunctional spaces. When it comes to curtains and upholstery fabrics, the trend is towards using warm, comforting colours such as golden yellows, greens, and wine reds. You can find the largest selection of custom upholstery fabric, curtains, and window coverings in Mississauga at Prestige Decor.
Apr 2021
Selecting the right curtain fabric from the comfort of your home
While the pandemic disrupted lives and the way we work, it boosted the growth of e-commerce. According to a forecast, e-commerce retail sales grew by as much as 20.7 percent in 2020 to reach CA $52.04 billion in 2020. Experts predict that as COVID-19 will not quickly disappear, it will change consumer shopping behavior permanently. As a result, more consumers in Toronto prefer to purchase more goods through e-commerce rather than making trips to the local store. When it comes to furnishings and curtains, however, many people are unable to select the right colour, texture, or type of fabric they need online. Prestige Decor is a top-rated curtain store in Toronto that offers Shop At Home service, their interior decorators visit your home with the perfect fabrics for your unique needs.
Mar 2021
Choosing the right window curtains
Window curtains are an element of home décor that you just can’t ignore. They are crucial for setting the tone of the room, and you can choose from a wide variety of window curtains. But how to choose the right window curtains for your room? Fabric plays an important role in determining the look of your curtains. You should choose the fabric based on how much sunlight you want streaming in and the room’s mood and décor. Other factors that can transform the look of your room are the colours and patterns in your curtains. When selecting curtains, make sure to choose the right length and width. Contact Prestige Décor Toronto for a wide selection of window curtains to choose from.
Mar 2021
Latest window treatment trends
A window treatment or covering provides privacy and, depending on the season, can keep the hot sun or cold wind out. Window coverings not just enhance the aesthetics of your room but can also reflect your personality through their bold or whimsical design statement. The global pandemic has taught people the importance of being economical. Hence, interior design experts believe that minimalism is going to be a popular trend in 2021, and that applies to window treatments too. Staying indoors has also significantly influenced people’s colour choices, and it looks like this year, window treatments in a variety of colours will be popular. Contact Prestige Décor Mississauga to get the window treatments of your choice today.
Mar 2021
Rats are one of the most destructive pests
Rats can have a devastating effect on businesses, especially those in the food industry. Not only can they cause several illnesses, but can also negatively affect brand reputation, operating costs, and revenue. They are also known to gnaw on electrical cables, which can turn into a major fire hazard if they gnaw through to the copper and the wires short out. It can also lead to electrical equipment failure and production downtime. It is not just the food industry, but many businesses all over the world report machine downtime due to rats. If you are fighting a rat infestation, contact Pestend Mississauga today.
Feb 2021
Your New Curtains Don’t Have to Be Borin
A simple change to a room, such as new curtains, can breathe new life into the space. The good news is that you’re never out of options when selecting curtains for your home. Panel pairs, single panels, sheer fabric, semi-opaque and blackout curtains are some ideas. Valances, which cover only the upper portion of your window, are an interesting choice. And they are not old-fashioned given how many modern homes incorporate them in various styles including scarf, tailored, scalloped and balloon curtains. You will be surprised at how the right choice of drapery in Toronto homes can transform their look and feel.
Feb 2021
Colour Trends for 2021
A survey of 68 interior design experts reveals that homeowners are favouring bold colours over warm neutrals and earth tones. The two colours expected to trend among homeowners this year are Aegean Teal and Urbane Bronze. Respondents pointed to an increasing incorporation of plant-inspired colours indoors and lighter hues for furniture. Then there is fabric technology, which has come a long way. Today’s performance fabric such as Crypton resist stains don’t need washable slipcovers. Learn about your options in upholstery fabric at Prestige Décor – that’s over 100,000 upholstery fabrics to choose from, and a large selection of outdoor furniture upholstery.
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