Blinds & Shades Warranty

Prestige Decor backs all its shades and blinds with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our warranty covers against any defects in workmanship and materials for as long as you own the products; as long as the products were installed according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, in the window of the residential/commercial dwelling; and as long as the products were not modified or manipulated. Our warranty does not cover any damage occurring due to the alteration, mishandling or misuse of the product, or excessive discoloration resulting from an exposure to the elements, including humidity, sunlight, salty air, corrosive materials, atmospheric changes or passage of time. Our warranty also does not cover damage or discoloration owing to the wear-and-tear from the daily usage of the product.

Materials and Fabrics

  • Cellular shades, Pleated shades, Roman blinds, Roller shades, Alternative multi shades and Panel Tracks under normal use and inclusive of excessive discoloration or burn out, are covered by a five year warranty period. This warranty does not cover scratching, soiling, curling or any loss of color or fading resulting from daily use.
  • Faux Wood, Regular Wood and Special Wood Slats are covered by a three-year warranty period against excessive fading, peeling, cracking, warping and excessive loss of color intensity. This warranty does not cover any variation in the color grain or texture of the product, or products situated in humid areas.

Color of Fabrics and Materials

The colors of materials and fabrics may differ from their illustrations in sample books, owing to the often-resulting variance in colors and intensity under dye lots* within commercial tolerances. As a result, we cannot guarantee that the dye lots will be exactly as presented in the sample books. If you identify a defect under this warranty, we advise you to notify us at the earliest. We will handle product return, repair or replacement in accordance with the applicable manufacturer warranty. If the warranty does not cover the defect, then the manufacturer will advise us on the options to resolve the defect and the costs thereof. *During the dyeing of yarn, a record is taken to identify the yarn that got its coloration in the same vat at the same time. This record is known as the dye lot.


All manufactured products sold through Prestige Decor come with bilingual stickers, safety warning tags and installation labels. Some of the safety measures to keep in mind are:
  • Not placing the window treatments near children’s beds, cribs or furniture.
  • Installing the safety hardware in accordance with the supplied instructions, as well as following safety installation – including and not limited to – cord weights, tension devices and cord cleats.
  • Ensuring that there aren’t any closed cord loops that children can access easily.


Products are low-maintenance for most part. You can maintain them conveniently by light cleaning with a feather duster, dusting mitt, soft cloth or brush tool on a vacuum cleaner; or soaking a sponge in lukewarm water and wiping gently with light strokes. Please keep in mind that wood blinds should not be cleaned with water as this may warp the wood. For professional blibnd cleaning in Mississauga and the greater Toronto area visit Love Your Drapery Cleaning.

Blinds Warranty

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is applicable to all functional moving parts of the product that make manual operation possible. Wood and faux wood slats are covered by a three year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers fading, peeling, warping and cracking, but does not apply to variations in colors, texture and grain. The warranty also does not cover any damage to the product caused due to modifications, tampering or improper use, or discolorations resulting from humidity, passage of time, corrosive materials, moisture or salty air.