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We used Prestige Decor for multiple projects from furniture uphosltery for our 3 seater sofas, to our window treatments including custom curtains and Zebra blinds and we couldn't be happier with them; From their expertise and product selection to del...

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Thank you, Louise and Shaim Husain, for the wonderful and efficient service of repairing my curtain rod and rail. Shaim worked quickly, efficiently and was very courteous. Best money I spent in 2021 and I would definitely highly recommend Prestige ...

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Agnes was very helpful in recommending the proper rod for my heavy, blackout drapes and arranged installation very quickly. The installer (Hussain) was thoughtful, careful, fast and, bonus... a pleasure to talk with. If you want it done right the fir...

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Great place !great advise from Zana. Prices are reasonable.

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Great help from Agnes and everyone I spoke to in helping me make the decisions for my dining room chairs, bench and window seat. They took time to understand the look that I was trying to achieve, were thoughtful in their suggestions and did not rush...

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Cellular Shade Features

  • Our cellular shades come in 0.75 inch, 0.375 inch single cell and double cell options.
  • The mold resistant fabric is perfect for areas of your home where humidity levels tend to remain high, for example, bathrooms or shower stalls.
  • You can make sure that your home’s exterior appeal is enhanced with these cellular  shades because they have consistent street side features that give a uniform look and feel to the outside of your home.
  • Highly user friendly, these shades come with an option to switch the cord lock to either the left or right side in line with your preferences.
  • The cord loop is designed to be easy to operate with the loop system making it a simple task to position the shade precisely wherever you want it. The design also eliminates cord puddling when the shade is open.
  • The concealed cord design keeps the fabric from sagging and ensures that the shades look neat and pristine even after long use.
  • The aluminum headrails can be color coordinated to match your room’s décor and interior color palette.
  • Another feature that makes the cellular shade most user friendly is the option to raise the shade from the bottom and lowering it from the top.
  • The cordless feature adds to the aesthetic appeal of the design by eliminating the need for visible lift cords. This feature is also a great one in terms of child safety.
  • These shades lend themselves perfectly to locations where unique shapes are required. We have hexagonal, octagonal and trapezoid cellular shades for you to choose from.
  • Our cellular shades come with the option to add specialty features like night or day shades, angle top, twin shade on a single headrail and more.
  • All our Cellular shades are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Our Standard cellular blinds are ideal for rectangular windows that are up to 144 inches in height. The maximum width depends on the fabric you choose, so please call us at 905-566-5063 or email us to inquire about the maximum width of the

Standard Cellular Blinds / Shades


Our Cellular Cordless shades are very easy to operate and eliminate the use of cords completely! With no cords, your window looks neater, and eliminates the hazards cords may have if you have young children.

Cellular cordless blinds


Our Two shades on one headrail simply share two standard rectangular cellular shades on one headrail. These cellular shades are ideal for rectangular windows that are up to 144 inches in both width and height.

Two cellular Shades on One Headrail


Our Top Down/Bottom Up cellular blinds (cafe style) are one of our most popular shades and are ideal for rectangular windows that are up to 90 inches in height and 76 inches in width. The reason our customers love our top down / bottom up shades so much is because they can have complete privacy while allowing sun light to enter simply by opening the top part of the shade while keeping the bottom part closed.

Top down bottom up blinds


Our cordless top-down bottom-up cellular blinds are one of our favourite products. They provide the ultimate in functionality; with the help of two sets of lift cords, one each for central rail and bottom rail, users have complete privacy controls while simultaneously allowing sunlight to enter from the top if they choose to do so. With the elimination of cords, these shades are the most aesthetical and the safest product on the market.

Top-down Bottom-up Cordless blinds


Our Day/Night cellular blinds are ideal for windows that are up to 96 inches in height and 74 inches width. These shades are really practical and allow you to have a choice of two window coverings on the same window. Usually, a semi-opaque, room-darkening fabric, or blackout fabric is used for one panel, and a sheer or semi-opaque fabric is used for the other.

Day-Night Blinds / Shades


Our Cord Loop cellular blinds are ideal for rectangular windows that are up to 144 inches in height. The maximum width depends on the fabric you choose, so please call us at 905-566-5063 or email us to inquire about the maximum width of the fabric you prefer. The Cord Loop shades operate on a continuous cord loop technology, which allows for easy lowering and raising of these shades regardless of how large and heavy they are. These shades are ideal for large windows.

Cord loop Blinds / Shades


Our Angle Top cellular blinds are made for windows that are sloped at the top. These shades are always cord-operated, and open from bottom up. The blind may be raised only to the top of the straight part of the window. The angled area at the top is not operable and remains fixed.

Angle Top blinds / Shades


We offer perfectly fitted blinds for all types of arched and circular windows. Regardless if your window arches are perfect or imperfect our experts will be able to custom fit our quality blinds/shades perfectly to the shape of your window. A perfect arch is considered perfect if it is perfectly circular where it curves – if the width is precisely 2 times the height. Imperfect arches are those whose width isn’t exactly 2 times the height. Blinds/shades that cover circular windows are always stationary and are not operable. Arched and quarter window shades can share the same headrail with standard rectangular blinds/shades below them.

Arched and cirular blinds/shades


Our shades for specialty shapes are ideal for trapezoids, octagonal, and hexagonal windows. A variety of operational options are available including: bottom-up, top-down and stationary. If you wish to have inside-mounted blinds; they can only be opened and closed through the widest part of the blinds.

Specialty shaped blinds / shades


If you are looking for truly a 100% blackout solution than our Skylight Blinds with side channels are the product you have been looking for. Side channels are fitted perfectly to your window frame so that no light can enter when the blinds are down. The maximum dimensions for these blinds are 60 x 60 inches. These blinds are always operated manually using a handle or ring. Extension poles are also available for difficult to reach windows. You have the option to have the fabric stack on the top, bottom or either side.

Skylight blinds with side channels

Cellular Shades / Blinds Specifications

Type of Shade Minimum Width (in inches) Maximum Width (in inches) Maximum height (in inches)
Standard 12 Depends on fabric width 144 (Min height- 9)
Two shade on single headrail 12 per panel 144 144
Top down/ bottom up café style 12 76 90 (Min height- 9)
Day/ Night 12 74 96 (Min height- 12)
Cord loop 18 Depends on fabric width 144 (Min height- 12)
Angle top 12 Fabric width- 72
Sloped rail width- 84
(Max slope angle- 60 degree)
96 at the tallest side
Cordless 18 Depends on fabric width 84 (Min height- 12)
Top down/ bottom up cordless 25 (Max width- 76) 18 78
Arch/ Circle (Template required) 12 Arch- 84
Circle- 60
Quarter circle- 42
Height of imperfect arches not less than 30% of width
Special shapes- Hexagon/ Octagon
Trapezoid (Template required)
9 36
74 (shorter rail reduction- 9)
Skylight shade with side channel 18 60 60

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