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Hospital Curtains

hospital-curtainsHospital curtains give patients the privacy they need while also allowing nurses and doctors the space they need to administer the best care. Also, our medical curtains are designed to keep out harmful germs. Our hospital room curtains are intrinsically fire-retardant and contain an anti-microbial finish that inhibits bacteria’s growth for up to fifty washings.

Hospital Curtain Tracks

Hospital Curtain Tracks Prestige Decor will ensure you’re on the right track with our hospital curtain tracks. Our hospital curtain track system is made of high-quality aluminum that is powder coated with a pre-applied dry lubricant for super-smooth operation. It can be custom bent with a twenty-centimetre radius. We also have carriers with hooks, suspension rods, wall brackets, ceiling brackets, dust strips, track connectors, and more.

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Hospital Curtain Installation

hospital-curtain-installation Are you concerned about the difficulty of hospital cubicle curtains installation? You won’t have to lift a finger! Our custom hospital curtain track systems will be professionally installed by Prestige Decor’s experienced hospital curtain installers. During the hospital curtain installation process, we will ensure the hospital privacy curtains function properly and fit the space perfectly!

Cubicle Curtains

cubical-curtains Do you need to separate a section of a large room? Save money by installing cubicle curtains and cubicle tracks instead of building walls. Hospital cubicle curtains provide patients with privacy when they’re sharing a room with others, and disposable cubicle curtains are a great solution when you need to create space temporarily. Whatever your cubicle curtain needs are, we’ve got you covered.


Hospital Curtain Tracks Questions & Answers

Below we answer some frequently asked questions we receive from clients. If you have a question we’ll gladly answer it.

Where should I buy hospital curtain tracks?

 Prestige Decor is the best-rated custom fabric store and curtain installation business in Mississauga, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. If you're looking to buy hospital curtain tracks or hospital curtains, we've got everything you need. We'll help you from the initial consultation when you let us know what you need for your space until we install the curtains and track system.

How do I install hospital curtain tracks?

To install curtain tracks, you’ll first need to gather your tools including a drill, miter, hack saw, screw driver, tape measurer and level. Lay out everything you need like the curtains, the hardware and the tracks and put them in place before drilling any holes. Measure everything precisely with a pencil, tape measurer and level. Place the hooks, carriers or gliders onto the curtain track before installing it into the ceiling to save yourself a lot of hassle. Once you’ve taken all of these steps, you’re ready to install your curtain tracks! 

Prestige Decor has a team of trustworthy hospital curtain track installers in the Greater Toronto Area. Allow our experienced hospital curtain installers to handle everything for you.

What are hospital curtains made of?

 Hospital curtains are made of flame, stain, fluid and odour resistant materials. They should be anti-static, hypoallergenic and durable. 

The hospital curtains we offer at Prestige Decor are designed in a contemporary jacquard weave with an anti-microbial finish that inhibits bacteria's growth. They are additionally inherently fire retardant with superior stain and odour-release properties, making them perfect for hospitals or any other clinical setting!

How do I measure for hospital curtains?

Hospital curtains must be accurately measured to ensure they comply with fire and safety standards, facilitate movement into and out of the space and allow patients privacy. You will need about eight centimeters between the curtain track and the top of the curtain so the carriers can easily slide across the track. The curtain should stop about 35 centimetres above the floor. To measure the curtain length, subtract about 45 centimeters from the floor-to-ceiling height. To measure the curtain width, add 15% to the length of the curtain track to allow for easy handling. 

At Prestige Decor, we offer a professional check measure service wherein a professional hospital curtain installer will measure the room for you to ensure your custom curtains and tracks are made perfectly for your needs. There will be no margin of error when we take care of the measurement for you.


I used Prestige Decor to make new covers for my sailboat cushions. They had several products suitable for marine use. Louise was very helpful and recommended an impervious vinyl product. Prestige’s turn-around time was much faster than the local ma...

by: Chris Marit from: Toronto on: 18 May 2022

I used Prestige Decor to make new covers for my sailboat cushions. They had several products suitable for marine use. Louise was very helpful and recommended an impervious vinyl product. Prestige’s turn-around time was much faster than the local ma...

by: Chris Marit from: Toronto on: 18 May 2022

Very happy with our custom living and dining room curtains. They look perfect in our space! Nargis was great in helping to narrow down the fabric choices, style, and rod selections to compliment our decor. Everything was seamless, including the ins...

by: Lisa from: Scarborough on: 23 April 2022

Prestige Décor did a wonderful job replacing the deep cushions for my 2 patio chairs and the love seat they turned out beautifully thanks for all the help I received from all the staff.

by: CHERYL ADAMS from: MISSISSAUGA on: 22 April 2022

Prestige Decor did a wonderful job on cushions for our boat. They were professional, accommodating and had them done sooner than expected. Agnes was able to guide us on appropriate fabrics. A great experience.

by: Deb Bourk from: Mississauga on: 22 April 2022

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