Glydea® Motorized Curtain Track System

Motorized Curtain Track System Glydea
Glydea is a motorized drapery track system that combines elegance, simplicity and efficiency into its innovative design. This automated curtain track comes with spring loaded wall/ceiling mounts and plugs into most wall outlets making it easy to install and operate. The motor direction can easily be changed giving you the flexibility to install it in any orientation that works with the decor of your room.
Operational Features

Operational Features

  • Several remote control options available
  • Smartphone and tablet app allows for easy control even when away from home
  • Touch motion allows for activation of the motor by gently pulling on the fabric
  • Schedule timers to open and close curtains at set times of the day
  • Optional sensors that activate the motor to open or close curtains depending on the intensity and position of the sun
  • Manual override allows user to open and close curtains during a power outage without damaging the motor


  • Minimizes damage to drapery and curtains that normally results from manual operation
  • Compatible with all types of draperies, third party controls and adaptable to curves & bends in curtain rod
  • Elegant design, easy to install and simple operation
  • Advanced motor design and high performance belt drive system provides a quiet operation
  • Optimal glare reduction and privacy
  • Reduce energy costs and protect furnishings from damaging UV rays


  • Motor Dimensions: 12.43"H x 3.66"W x 2.08"L
  • Maximum track length of 36' for Glydea 60e
  • 120W power consumption
  • Track bending options:
    • 90° bend (option to have 1 or 2 bends)
    • Bent track with a minimum radius of 11.8"
    • Curved track with a minimum radius of 118"

IrismoTM 35 Mini DC Motorized Curtain Track System

Electric curtain automation Mississauga Irismo 35
For a top of the line plug and play automated curtain track, the Irismo 35 Mini DC is one of the best options on the market. Whether you want to use it in your living room, bedroom, office space or hotel room, the Irismo 35 Mini DC is the perfect choice for providing convenience, style and privacy to any space at the touch of a button. The motor can be set to operate on either side of the track, or even upside down so that it can be hidden in the ceiling.
Operational Features

Operational Features

  • Touch control system allows you to activate the motor by pulling gently on the fabric
  • Various wireless remote control and timer options including single channel, 5 channel and 16 channel remotes to control multiple motorized curtain tracks at once
  • Single to 5 channel wall switches available in four color options with custom engraved buttons
  • Sensor controls that open or close curtains based on the the amount of sunlight and/or temperature in a room
  • Somfy MyLink allows your smartphone or tablet to control the motor even if you are not at home
  • Can easily integrate with third party controls


  • Minimizes damage to drapery and curtains that normally results from manual operation
  • Convenient way to reduce energy costs, protect furnishing from harmful UV rays and control the privacy in any room
  • Highly reliable, simple to operate and easy to install
  • Can be used with all types of draperies and flexible to use with curved tracks
  • Minimizes the damage associated with manual opening and closing of curtains
  • Seamless and quiet motor with soft start and soft stop


  • Motor Dimensions: 9.05"H x 3.7"D
  • Maximum track length of 32'
  • Less than 3 watt power consumption
  • Track bending options:
    • One 90° bend with minimum 11.8" radius
    • Two 90° bends with minimum 11.8" radius
    • Curved track with a minimum radius of 118"

IrismoTM 45 WIREFREE RTS Motorized Draperies

Irismo 45 Wireless Curtain Track Parts
The Irismo 45 Wirefree RTS motorized curtain track is one of the best battery operated curtain track motors on the market. It is incredibly easy to install and comes with spring loaded wall and ceiling mounts, giving you various placement options. This compact motorized drapery track is the perfect solution for areas where it may be a challenge to use wires. It come with a very efficient rechargeable battery offering upto 9 months of seamless operation on a single charge.
Operational Features

Operational Features

  • Single to five channel wireless wall switches with custom engraved buttons
  • Single, 5 channel and 16 channel wireless remotes available with or without on screen display
  • Indoor sensors available to open or close curtains depending on the amount of sunlight or temperature in a room.
  • Compatible with third party remotes and with smartphone or tablet apps for the ultimate remote control experience
  • Touch control system tracks allow for operation by simply pulling on the fabric


  • Battery operated motor means no messy wire set up required
  • Extends the lifespan of curtains or draperies by reducing the need for manual operation
  • Reduces glare, minimizes UV damage to furnishings and provides energy savings
  • Manual override allows user to manually open or close curtains even during blackouts without risk of damaging the motor
  • Convenient and efficient with various control options


  • Motor Dimensions: 13"H x 3.7"D
  • Maximum track length of 33'
  • 26.5V rechargeable Li-ion battery with upto 9 month battery life
  • Track configuration options:
    • Straight track with one way opening
    • Straight track with center opening

FMS - Forest Motorized Curtain System

FMS Curtain Automation Systems
The FMS is a high quality belt driven motorized drapery track system. Its innovative design gives the FMS an aesthetically pleasing look while also providing a smooth and silent curtain operation. This automated drapery track easily connects to home and building automation systems with various control options available. The motor pulley is available in an upside down version for anyone who wants to hide the motor in the ceiling. Otherwise, the motor is hidden behind a valance and/or curtains.
Operational Features

Operational Features

  • Wireless remote control available with 6 individual channels and 1 group channel to operate multiple FMS tracks simultaneously
  • Wall switch control available with full installation instructions
  • Connects to any home, building or hotel automation system
  • Time switch settings available for automated operation at predetermined times of the day


  • Can be used with all types of draperies
  • Protects furnishings from damaging UV rays at the touch of a button
  • Motor pulley can be oriented right-side up or upside down
  • Integrates easily with other building automation systems making it a great addition to any smart home
  • Our motorized curtain tracks are easy to install and even easier to operate


  • Silent motor with a top speed of 15 cm/s
  • Aluminium extrusion track dimensions: 0.8" x 0.8" with a maximum length of 19 ft
  • Motor available in 30, 45 and 60 Watt, with largest motor dimension of 2.36" x 1.97" x 9.06"
  • Track configuration options:
    • Straight track
    • One or two 90° bends with radius of 8"
    • Continuous curved track with a minimum radius of 19.69"

Curtain Automation Questions & Answers

Below we answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive from customers regarding our curtain automation and motorized curtain tracks. If you have a question we’ll gladly answer it.
Do you have a location in Toronto?

No we do not have a physical location in Toronto, but we do offer expert shop @ home services to commercial and residential clients living in Toronto including East Toronto, West Toronto, downtown Toronto, Rosedale, Bridle Path, Forest Hill, Annex, Birch Cliff-Cliffside, and other neighbourhoods in and around Toronto.

We are located in Mississauga (2 minutes from Hwy 401 and Dixie Rd.), which is less than a 20 minute drive from downtown Toronto, and we have many customers coming to our retail store from Toronto every day. As a matter of fact residents of Toronto are our most frequent customers. So if you are looking for fabric stores in Toronto, curtain stores in Toronto or window treatments in Toronto, why not spend an additional 15 minutes driving to Mississauga for the best custom curtains, furniture upholstery and window treatment services in the greater Toronto area.

In which cities do you offer shop at home services?

We offer shop-at-home window treatments and furniture reupholstery services to most of the cities in the Greater Toronto Area as well as cities located west of Mississauga. Here is a brief list of the cities in which we offer shop at home services: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke, Brampton, Woodbridge, Vaughan, North York, Richmond Hill, Burlington, Milton, Guelph, Georgetown, Hamilton, & Greater Toronto Area G.T.A. If your city/town is not on the list call us during our business hours at 1-905 566 5063 and ask about our shop at home service in your area.

I'm from out of town can I have the fabric same day?

Many of our curtain fabrics are available the same day if ordered before 11am, but sometimes it may take up to 24-48 hours. Some fabrics are special order and can take up to 10 business days. Remember we have 600,000 curtain fabrics and over 100,000 upholstery fabrics to choose from, which is more than most other fabric stores in Mississauga or designer fabric stores in Toronto have and we offer 2 week delivery on all custom work for curtains & furniture upholstery which is unheard of in our industry! With other Toronto fabric stores and window treatment shops in the GTA, you can expect to wait over 8 weeks for custom fabric orders.

What makes you different from other curtain fabric stores in Toronto & Mississauga?

We believe that the main differences between Prestige Decor and other custom fabric stores in Toronto and the greater Toronto area include our expertise, our dedication to our clients and our incredible fabric selection. Our design consultants and interior decorators are the heart of our business and unlike other window coverings and drapery fabric stores in Toronto, we provide our clients with expert advice, and give them the attention and support they deserve to select the right fabrics for their window coverings and/or furniture upholstery. We work closely with each client to accommodate their budget and provide invaluable advice through our team of creative and highly talented design consultants and interior decorators.

Do you service international clients?

Yes. Not all our services are offered to international clients but we can ship most of our products at very reasonable shipping rates. We have thousands of clients from all across Canada, U.S., Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East. Phone consultations and email are the best ways for our international clients to receive consultations and order our products.

What do you specialize in?

Prestige Decor specializes in a variety of custom services including: custom window treatments, window treatment fabrics, fabric for furniture upholstery, furniture re-upholstery services, drapery installation services, custom curtains, custom binds and shades, outdoor fabrics, waterproof fabrics, custom seat cushions and fabric, waterproof cushions, marine fabrics, marine flooring, designer wallpapers and a variety of specialized interior decor consultations.

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