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Instant-Dry Outdoor Cushions

Making custom cushions for outdoor or marine use can be a major challenge for many people. Traditional foam cushioning absorbs water much like a sponge and takes forever to dry. Until now quick drying foam cushioning has been expensive, but our Instant Dry Cushions solve all those problems!
waterproof outdoor furniture cushion
Instant Dry Cushioning is perfect for any outdoor or marine/boat application. Instant Dry’s unique lace design allows water to flow right through it. The High Density Polyethylene fibre will not absorb moisture and air circulates freely throughout the cushioning speeding the drying process. In most cases the cushioning material will dry before the fabric covering it.

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The innovative design of our Instant Dry Outdoor Cushioning not only absorbs water but it also provides a long-lasting, soft and comfortable cushion for all your outdoor and marine applications.
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Add Extra Thickness to Boat Cushions

outdoor waterproof cushions Toronto
Instant Dry can be wrapped with polyester batting to give extra thickness and a high loft, soft feel to boat cushions without affecting the drying time. Polyester batting like our F 6405 or F 6406 will not absorb moisture and like Instant Dry, water flows through it.