Pleated Shades

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Our pleated shades can complement any décor, any interior, no matter what kind of style you have chosen. Select the right shades from our collection of jacquards, metalized backdrops, solid hues, subtle prints and more, to create the perfect atmosphere within your interiors. Why Choose our pleated Blinds / Shades? Apart from the fact that our pleated shades add a touch of class and elegance to any interiors, these are the ideal option whether you need them for regular windows or specialty shapes. Optional blackout liner will give you the desired privacy within the room when you use these shades. Choose a specialty option and add day or night shades or twin shades on one headrail to add on to the sophistication of your interiors. Whether you want your shade to cover a perfect arch or an imperfect one or you need to keep out the sun, you will find that our pleated shades do the job without compromising on the aesthetic appeal or stunning elegance. Just send in your template for unique shapes like hexagons, octagons and trapezoids (or we can do the check measure) and we will deliver the perfect pleated shades for any application. In addition, our pleated shades come with a unique cording system encompassing ladders at the back of the fabric to ensure that the pleats are perfectly and evenly spaced and equal from top to bottom. We assure you that the shape, uniformity and alignment of the pleats will remain in pristine condition for years on end.

Pleated Shade Photos

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