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Jan 2021
Interior Décor Trends In 2021 Are Going to Be All Natural and All Colour
Décor trends keep changing every other year. The predictions for 2021 are already out and it is all about going natural. Since movement is still restricted in many places due to the Covid-19 pandemic, interior designers suggest bringing the outdoors in. Natural organic elements are recommended to add a touch of freshness. For instance, repainting an old wooden window in organic colors or using cotton-linen fabrics for upholstery. 2021 will also need a splash of color, says Refinery29. Throw out the grey gloomy curtains and get bright, colorful ones because this year is about hope and we need to be energized. Any good curtain store in Mississauga should be filled with these décor items.
Jan 2021
Your Bedroom Needs Lighter Curtains
Bedrooms are a place to relax and wind down. The colors that you put together in a room greatly affect the overall ambiance and the energy of the room itself. Bright colors like red or orange are highly energizing colors. These are not suitable for your bedroom because for a good night’s sleep you need to relax and not jump around with energy. Go for lighter shades of green like seafoam or mint, pale blues, or muted yellow shades instead. These colors are more calming and help you relax. So, next time you visit a bedroom curtains store, you’ll know what to look for.
Jan 2021
Less Is More When It Comes to Window Seat Décor In 2021
Window seats are a part of everyone’s dream home. How you make your window seat look like the comfiest place in your living room or your bedroom is up to how you design it though. Interior designers are going gaga over minimal window seat designs. A plain-looking seat by a large window in your room, with neutral colors and a comfortable window seat cushion is all you are going to need. It should blend into the room, and look cozy and inviting. It does not necessarily have to be a very big area but a little sunshine flowing in through the window can be great for cold winter mornings.
Jan 2021
Drapery Trends You Should Be Looking Out For
Drapery is a very important element of your home’s interior and trendy drapes or blinds can change the entire look of your home. The current drapery trends are all about daring bold prints with natural colors. Neutrals of very delicate, see-through materials like linen or wild silks are in too. Two tone draperies are a trending style as well. Mixing two complementary tones along the bottom of your drapes can give them a very posh and elegant look according to designers. Follow these drapery trends to transform your interiors with little effort. A custom curtain store should be able to help you out.
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