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Vertical Blinds Mississauga
Get the advantage of multiple looks with one single product when you choose our premium quality Mandalay vertical shades. Elegant finish, choice of color and fabric and impeccable quality- combine to make this an ideal addition to any home or office. Now, the amount of light filtering into your room and the degree of privacy you enjoy rests entirely in your hands with these easy to use vertical shadings adorning your doors and windows. What is special about our vertical shades? Our Mandalay vertical shades bring to your home a truly unique design. You can enjoy all the convenience of horizontal and vertical shades with this single product that can also give you the shading convenience that sunscreen shades offer. One of the most significant advantages that these shadings offer is the option to raise the blinds, so that you can get a view of the outdoor space. That means, you do not need to opt for roller shades to get this feature especially when you are considering these shadings for your patio door or garden door.

Large Variety of Fabrics & Colours

Our Mandalay vertical shades come in a variety of colours and patterns to match and style and preference. So feel free to match your existing interior decor, or simply try something new. Below you can see our fabric samples for our vertical blinds / shades. Vertical Blinds Colours