Custom Curtain Tracks & Hardware

Serving Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Etobicoke, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, G.T.A.

At Prestige Decor we carry a complete assortment of curtain tracks for residential, commercial and industrial use. From specialty curtain tracks, to a variety of mounting brackets, glides, returns, connectors, fling rods, stoppers, custom bending and installation, we are leaders in custom drapery tracks and service.

I Beam Curtain Tracks

The I-Beam drapery tracks are our most inexpensive curtain tracks. Their durability and elegance make it an ideal drapery solution for those on a tight budget. Our drapery installers can bend & curve the I Beam tracks at the place of installation allowing them to perfectly fit the I Beam to your individual situation. The IBeam track is ideal for light drapery solutions such as sheers and smaller sized drapery panels.

KS – Klick System Bendable Curtain Tracks

The Klick System tracks are top quality, elegant, aluminum extrusion, white & lubricated for smooth and easy sliding. Our KS tracks can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling and are ideal for light to heavy weight draperies. We offer custom KS track bending and curving as well as cutting and installations allowing us to perfectly fit each KS curtain track no matter the shape of your window or application.