CRS - Bendable Decorative Channel Tracks

Bendable decorative curtain tracks Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto Area

Whether you have an arch window and want to follow its shape with your curtain rods or if you want to make bends to suit custom window configurations, our decorative channel tracks are bendable to fit your unique situation. Available in four popular colours: inox, bronze, antique brass and black, our bendable channel curtain tracks can be mixed with our other iron collections for a great selection of decorative finials to match any style.

DS - Design System Curtain Tracks

Design System curtain treacks Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton

Available in white and grey finishes, the Design System aluminum curtain track is powder coated with a special pre-applied dry lubricant for super smooth curtain operation. This curtain track is ideal for hand draw pinch pleat, shirred or ripple/easy fold curtains. All our DS curtain tracks are rated for 6 lbs per foot of drapery (24” bracket spacing) making them one of our toughest curtain tracks.

DSXL - Design System XL Curtain Tracks

DSXL Curtain Tracks Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton

The DSXL curtain track is the large version of the DS track and has a more decorative look. We carry all the components for the DSXL curtain tracks including: slides, carriers with hooks, master carriers, cord connectors, 2.2mm cord, snap tape and carriers, EasyFlex tape and carriers, Pulse tape and carriers, shirring hooks, end caps and more.

Hospital Curtain Tracks

Hospital Curtain Tracks Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton

The hospital track is a high-quality aluminum curtain track that is powder coated with a pre-applied dry lubricant for super smooth operation. The hospital curtain track can be custom bent with an 8 inch radius. We also carry carriers with hooks, suspension rods, wall brackets, ceiling brackets, dust strips, track connectors, and more. This track can also be used for other heavy-duty commercial, healthcare and industrial applications as well.

Remote Controlled Curtain Tracks

Automated and Remote Controlled Curtain Tracks

At Prestige Decor we selected only the World’s best automated curtain tracks and drapery hardware to offer you the finest in curtain automation. Whether you are looking for wired or wireless automated curtain tracks we have what you need. Our automated curtain tracks can be switch controlled, remote controlled, or smartphone/tablet controlled. Multiple curtains can be controlled with a single remote control or smartphone/tablet.

Curtain Track Questions & Answers

Below we answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive from customers regarding our curtain tracks. If you have a question we’ll gladly answer it.
Do you service my city for curtain tracks?

We offer professional shop-at-home services anywhere in the GTA as well as other cities around the GTA and we also ship Canada wide. The following is a list of some of the cities we offer curtain track shop at home services to: Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Hamilton, Milton, Georgetown, Woodbridge, North York, Newmarket, Markham, Richmond Hill, Burlington, & Greater Toronto Area G.T.A.

Do you have all curtain tracks in your showroom?

Some curtain tracks can be picked up in our showroom in Mississauga, however because of our extensive selection of specialty curtain tracks, some items must be ordered from our Canadian suppliers which usually takes a few days and can be delivered to your location or ready for pickup in out Mississauga showroom.

Can I use an I-beam rod for ripple fold drapes?

No, you cannot. You need a KS track with special ripple fold gliders.

Which drapery hardware should I use for my sheers and drapes on my window?

For sheers and drapes you can use two decorative rods and double brackets or a curtain track for sheers and a decorative rod for your drapes, or you can use curtain tracks for both the sheers and the drapes.

What kind of drapery hardware can I use for my big window if I plan to open them during day?

If your window width is smaller than 12 feet you can use any decorative rod, regular brackets and rings. If your window is wider than 12 feet you will need passing brackets and passing rings. Alternatively, you can use our curtain tracks for your window curtains.

I have a big window from ceiling to the floor in my apartment. What kind of drapery hardware is the best for me?

If your curtains are grommets you will need a decorative rod and short ceiling brackets. If your drapes are pleated you can use a KS track or another one of our curtain tracks.

What kind of drapery hardware can use for my bay window?

You can use any decorative rod with elbows, wall brackets or ceiling brackets depending on your bay window setup. Passing rings and passing brackets can also be used for larger bay windows if you need full functionality with your curtains. You can also use a KS track or another one of our bendable curtain tracks for your bay windows. Many of our curtain tracks can be custom bent to follow the shape of your bay window. Using curtain tracks for bay windows helps block more peekaboo light than decorative curtain rods.

How far apart do I have to have curtain brackets installed for my curtain track?

The placement of brackets will largely depend on the weight of your curtains as well as your walls or ceiling where curtain tracks will be installed. Often times older homes have weaker drywall so installing more brackets may make sense. For curtain tracks the rule of thumb is to have a curtain bracket approximately every two feet. Again, if your curtains are light,for example in the case of sheers, you may need a curtain bracket every three feet.

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